EPCA directs IGL to increase dispensing capacity

Taking note of long queues at gas stations leading to traffic woes, the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has directed the Indraprastha Gas Limited to increase dispensing capacity of CNG.

Sunita Narain, member of EPCA, confirmed that a direction has been given to IGL to increase dispensing capacity.

At present, there are 450 CNG-filling stations in Delhi-NCR and IGL is planning to come up with 50 more CNG pumps across Delhi-NCR by February 2019.

With the recent expansion of IGL’s CNG refuelling infrastructure at a cost of over Rs 250 crore, its installed compression capacity has crossed 70 lakh kg per day, which is enough to dispense over 35 lakh kg per day. The current dispensing limit is 31 lakh kg per day.

Ravi Kumar Bhohal, an Uber driver, who usually gets CNG filled in his car from the gas station at IP Extension, said he has lost out on a number of passengers because they are not ready to wait in long queues at gas stations.

Another Uber driver Sarfaraz Ahmed said there is a waiting period of 15-20 minutes at CNG stations and the wait period can go up to 30-35 minutes during peak hours.