Editorial articles

Editorial – December 2017

Supreme Court’s October 5 judgment is a big blow to the electricity consumers in the entire country while the impact will be immediately felt in Punjab. The judgment against Punjab disocm has allowed L&T, which operates a 1,400 MW thermal power plant at Nabha, a higher tariff than what they had quoted in their bids.

Editorial – November 2017

Generations of Indians have grown up without electricity, many meritorious students still study by the light of kerosene lamps. And the road to total electrification in India always seemed an unending journey, up until this time. As targets are being fulfilled, new ones are being devised. On August 15, 2015, the government had set a

Editorial – October 2017

Myanmar, the only ASEAN country that has an unfenced border with four of our north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh (520 km) Manipur (398 km) Nagaland (215 km) and Mizoram (510 km) is the destination for India’s major road and highway building activity. And many projects are flowing that will transform Myanmar and the north-eastern part

Editorial – September 15, 2017

The insolvency proceedings against Lanco Infratech, represents a pervasive malaise. It shows how nexuses between Bank/FIs and overleveraged company are at the heart of the NPA problem. Lenders who act in concert themselves conceal vital information while approving loans; audit regulations are routinely given a go-by, enabling the errant companies to guzzle more debt from

Editorial – August 15, 2017

An anti-Uday track has emerged in the power sector. Three power gencos, Tata Power, Adani Power and Essar Power have mounted a sustained pressure for a 51 per cent buyout of their troubled coal assets by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVL), the apex body of the four discoms in Gujarat for a token amout

Editorial – July 15, 2017

The CBI has so far registered 3 FIRs and one PE in the AI-IA purchase of 111 aircrafts, leasing of aircrafts even after completion of purchases, surrender of prime routes, the airline timings and merger of its domestic and international arms. The developments follow the apex court order on a PIL filed by CPIL, led

Editorial – June 15, 2017

One month, three bids and there has been a new tariff discovery. The solar tariff has come down by 22.54 per cent. This is good news on two counts. First, it will drive an impetus towards cleantech, which will benefit users (lower tariff), environment and the device ecosystem (manufacturing). Second, other fuels will have to

Editorial – May 15, 2017

24×7 quality power at affordable tariff is the key for economic development especially for a developing country like India. For this, efficiency must be ensured in the entire eco system of power supply – right from generation to distribution. Ever since the Modi government has taken over, the centre has taken several measures for improving

Editorial – April 15, 2017

The oil ministry is investigating OVL & OIL’s deals in which they paid a total of $5,159 million in 2014 for acquiring 20 pc stake in Mozambique gas field. OVL bought 16 pc – 10 pc from a subsidiary of Videocon, which originally bought the stake at $75 million in 2008, and 6 pc from

Editorial – March 15, 2017

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh will be visiting India in April this year. For this, preparatory meetings are afoot in both Dhaka and Delhi. And this bilateral visit both sides have been looking forward to. Indo-Bangla relation is a strong pillar of Modi government’s ‘Neighborhood First’ doctrine of foreign policy and an important showcase